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泡沫雕刻机 | 2021-02-20

亚博体彩官网_Six scientists have completed a yearlong Mars simulation in Hawaii, where they lived in a dome in near isolation.近日,六名科学家在夏威夷一个几近几乎阻隔的圆顶屋中已完成了为期一年的火星仿真生活。For the past year, the group in the dome on a Mauna Loa mountain could go outside only while wearing spacesuits. On Sunday, the simulation ended, and the scientists emerged.去年一整年他们都住在坐落于莫纳罗亚火山的圆顶屋里,要想要出外不能穿著太空服。


仿真于周日完结,科学家们再一“重见天日”。Cyprien Verseux, a crew member from France, said the simulation shows a mission to Mars can succeed.其中一名来自法国、名为西普里福·费尔苏克斯的成员回应,这次仿真指出,去火星继续执行任务是不切实际的。

I can give you my personal impression which is that a mission to Mars in the close future is realistic. I think the technological and psychological obstacles can be overcome, Verseux said.费尔苏克斯说:“就我个人来说,我指出在不远处的将来,人类攀上火星可以变成现实。我指出技术上和心理上的艰难都是可以解决的。

”Christiane Heinicke, a crew member from Germany, said the scientists succeeded in finding their own water in a dry climate.来自德国的成员克里斯蒂娜·海因尼克回应,科学家们顺利地在潮湿的气候中寻找了水源。Showing that it works, you can actually get water from the ground that is seemingly dry. It would work on Mars and the implication is that you would be able to get water on Mars from this little greenhouse construct, she said.她说:“这是不切实际的,你知道可以在看上去很潮湿的土地中寻找水。这在火星上也不切实际,你可以在这个小型温室建筑里取得水。”Tristan Bassingthwaighte, a doctor of architecture candidate at University of Hawaii, served as the crews architect.夏威夷大学建筑专业在读博士生特里斯坦·巴星怀特是整个团队的建筑师。

The UH research going on up here is just super vital when it comes to picking crews, figuring out how people are going to actually work on different kinds of missions, and sort of the human factors element of space travel, colonization, whatever it is you are actually looking at, Bassingthwaighte said.巴星怀特说:“在挑选出成员的时候,夏威夷大学的研究就变得尤为重要,要挑需要确实胜任有所不同任务的人,挑合适太空旅行和移居的人,不管具备什么特质,都是我们确实在找寻的人。”Kim Binsted, principal investigator for the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), said the researchers are looking forward to getting in the ocean and eating fresh produce and other foods that werent available in the dome.夏威夷太空探寻仿真与建模任务的首席研究员金姆·宾斯特德回应,研究人员们期望着需要跑到大海里,还期望不吃一些新鲜的食物,这些都是在圆顶屋里做到将近的。

HI-SEAS is an example of international collaborative research hosted and run by the University of Hawaii. So its really exciting to be able to welcome the crew back to earth and back to Hawaii after a year on Mars, Binsted said.宾斯特德说:“HI-SEAS是一次由夏威夷大学主导和运作的国际合作。在火星上待一年之后,小队成员们再一需要返回地球的夏威夷,看看真为令人兴奋!|亚博体彩官网。